Monday, September 14, 2009

Welcome to Prede's Anime Reviews!

Welcome! I'm Prede from the Anime on DVD forums (as well as Anime Network Forums, Funimation forums, and My Anime List) incase you didn't know :P . My real name is Mike by the way. I've been doing reviews for Central Park Media titles for awhile now (on my other blog), but I've been convinced into starting this blog to place all my non-Central Park Media reviews at. I figure I mine as well make this as simple as can be. I'll be splitting this up into three parts. One part will consist of all the reviews I've done officially for, as it can be a hassle to go there and find them all. The second part will be made up of all the reviews I've done for My Anime List. And the third part will be made up of original reviews that I will be doing for this blog. I hope to be reviewing series quite often here.

I (try to) put a lot of work into my reviews so please feel free to make a comment about any of them. Disgagree with me? Let me know! Agree with me? Please by all means let me know. Any suggestions or other comments please feel free to make them.It makes me happy to see people commenting on my reviews, and it inspires me to do more of them. So please post away! Just try to keep everything civil.

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