Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Moved to Wordpress and other announcements


Hello readers! Well I've been writing reviews for a few years now, and writing for my blog since September of 2009! Can you believe it's been over a year already? (my other blog is even older). Anyway although blogger has been fine to me (most of the time...) I felt it was time to really make this blog sparkle. And I think the only way to do that is to move too Wordpress. Right now I've moved all the reviews, and fixed everything so it looks great. You can be sure I'll be adding some more bells and whistles very soon! But for now at least all the reviews are there. Since christmas break is just around the corner, I should have ample time to both work on this blog and write reviews elsewhere. Also I've decided that in addition to writing reviews here I'll do a few special posts about anime every once in awhile. For example I'll write up a top ten directors list, or write about my favorite mangakas. You get the picture...

So be sure to keep your eyes on my blog, and keep them glued to Fanboy Reviews too, as I have more then a few reviews coming up there. And hey yah never know, maybe I'll be popping up somewhere else too! And don't forget I'm also on twitter (way, way too much). Later!

- Mike ( Prede )

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